RF Harvesting

The Problem

Powering smart devices is a huge market. It is predicted that 1 trillion smart devices will be built between 2017-2035, adding $5 trillion to the global GDP1.

Powering this many devices is dificult, costly and in many cases a barrier of adoption. We have developed a technology that is capable of using existing radio frequency (RF) sources as an energy source, transforming the way we power our devices, potentially removing the need for cables and batteries altogether.

1. Source: ARM White paper | The route to a trillion devices, June 2017

Our Solution

Freevolt is an innovative, patented and patent-pending wireless charging technology that uses wireless RF harvesting of existing wireless and broadcast transmissions to trickle charge smart devices when sufficient RF density is available.

Freevolt utilises existing sources of RF (smartphones and WiFi routers, for example) and turns them into wireless chargers, to the point that charging cables are not required and in some cases avoiding the use of batteries altogether.

Harvesting RF energy in this way removes the need for new standards or new regulatory pathways for the technology, allowing for a faster route to market and faster adoption. Most importantly, the technology leads to an improved user experience.

Technology Overview

Freevolt has an industry leading capability to harvest energy and trickle charge a battery when there is a very low RF density, which is ideal for low power technologies. Freevolt can harness energy from smartphones, using existing smart devices as an energy transmitter, making it possible to charge Freevolt enabled smart devices from your pocket.

Applications include:

Added security and fraud prevention in smart cards
Adding power to wireless sensors in industrial applications
Battery-less sensors for efficient smart buildings & cities
Extending the battery life of wearables including wireless headphones

RFEH Benefits


Able to harvest energy when there is very low RF density.


Able to harvest energy from multiple RF sources.


Single band, multi band, rigid or flexible solutions.


Antenna, rectifier and harvester configurations.


Uses existing RF sources, so no need for a new regulatory pathway.


Patents granted protecting our IP internationally.