We are an Internet of Things Platform Company

We use proprietary wireless charging technology and machine learning software to create IoT sensor networks that provide intelligent data streams of high value in digital health, smart building and smart city applications.


Low cost

Our IoTaaS (IoT as-a-service) model promises low cost of installation, no upfront hardware fee and maintenance costs that are kept to an absolute minimum.

Easy to deploy

Wireless and mobile devices make installation and maintenance swift and easy at global scale.

Energy efficient

Our technology optimises your sensors by knowing when to get more data readings and when to conserve energy.

Low maintenance

Remote calibrating of each sensor to ensure accurate measurements without the need for physical calibration.


Our technology uses encryption to securely transfer data from the gateway to the cloud.


Whether you need to cover a single fridge, your building or an entire city, our technology scales to deliver an IOT network you can rely on.

Making the IoT Easy

Get started with your own IoT network for as little as £4 a month


Licence our patented Freevolt wireless charging technology


Global or hyper local - access the most comprehensive Air Pollution data via our API


Get your own personal air pollution smart sensor for £49.99


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Awards and Recognition

Tech Tour Growth 50 2017

Best Technical Development Within Energy Harvesting

Excellence in the Field of Environmental Technology Commercialisation

Top 100 Sustainable Solutions

Technology Partner for 3 Electric Vehicle FIA World Land Speed Records (sub 999kg EV) & 4 outright British Land Speed Records