Changing the way you monitor indoor assets & environmental conditions.

AuraTM is an end-to-end IoT network to measure and monitor indoor assets (e.g. refrigeration units) and environmental conditions (e.g. temperature and CO). Aura may be deployed to any existing asset or space to reduce costs, make compliance easier and more robust, and improve service levels.


Building management

Aura generates a granular level temperature map within a building to inform temperature control at a zonal level.

Food services

Aura’s intelligent monitoring reduces food waste and cuts back on costs of manually logging the data.

Hospitals and pharmacies

Aura will monitor the ambient temperature and the temperature within refrigeration units, recording data logs to meet compliance levels.

Greenhouse monitoring

Aura monitors and maintains the proper mix of temperature, humidity and air quality within your greenhouses.

HVAC and recirculation systems

Aura monitors conditions and functionality of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems at scale.


Low cost

Ultra-low deployment, installation and maintenance cost delivering low cost per-byte.


Reduced running costs: “free” radio frequency (RF) energy – harvested by FreevoltTM when sufficient RF density is available – minimises the costs associated with installation, maintenance and operation of IoT networks.


Sends you notifications if environmental levels have deviated outside their thresholds.

Real Time

Measures near-real-time temperature and air quality data along with historical trends.

Constantly Optimising

Self-learning platform which becomes more efficient over time, further reducing data and costs.

Standalone Network

Proprietary mobile sensors are deployed as a standalone network without the need for integrating into other IT and building control systems.