CleanSpace API

The CleanSpace API is a software tool based on Drayson Technologies’ advanced, proprietary algorithms and readings from environmental stations world-wide, that enables software applications to access the air pollution data collected and analysed by Sensyne and the CleanSpace network.

The CleanSpace API uses multiple data streams to provide hyper-local air quality information. It may be easily integrated within web and mobile software applications such as vehicle dashboards, smartphone travel apps or websites to provide highly relevant and actionable information on air pollution for businesses and government agencies world-wide.

Customer Success Story

"The issue of air pollution in Mexico is serious and of great concern to the public. By working with Drayson Technologies and adopting the CleanSpace API, we’re able to provide an incredibly useful tool to our readers, so they can understand the situation better and make informed choices about the way they travel. We hope this proves a highly effective application for people that are concerned about the quality of the air they breathe."

Manuel Velázquez Mares, Digital Editorial Director of Excélsior

Grupo Imagen is one of the largest media conglomerates in Latin America and owner of Excelsior, a nationwide publication in Mexico that uses the CleanSpace API to provide its readers hyper-local air pollution data and list the most polluted cities in Mexico at any given time.


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