The world’s most comprehensive air pollution monitoring platform

Protect your staff. Roll-out your own employee wellness programme for as little as £4 per employee per month


Concerned about air pollution in your area? Install your own monitoring system for as little as £4 per sensor per month


See the air YOU are breathing. Purchase your own personal air pollution smart sensor for only £49.99


CleanSpaceTM is an IoT sensor network to monitor air pollution. It uses machine-learning and connected smart sensors to create hyper-local air pollution information to enable people to “see the air they breathe” and to help enterprises and municipalities implement projects that improve air quality.

The platform gathers air quality measurements from thousands of sources, among them official air quality monitoring stations along with our crowdsourced CleanSpace sensor network.

CleanSpace provides a dedicated mobile application, supported on iOS and Android, which allows consumers to track the air quality they are breathing using their personal air pollution sensor, the CleanSpace TagTM.

Scientifically Tested

The CleanSpace Tags have been tested by the Environmental Research Group at King’s College London and the National Physical Laboratory. Download our data sheet to read about the findings.



Employee programmes

Improve the health and wellbeing of the workforce by providing employees with actionable air quality data that enables them to understand air pollution around them and choose cleaner routes.

Citizen programmes

Enhance Smart City initiatives by providing hyper local, street-by-street pollution levels that enable citizens to avoid air pollution by choosing cleaner routes.

Co-branded business to consumer programmes

Engage customers further by delivering a co-branded CleanSpaceTM App that enables them to track their own personal air pollution exposure and choose cleaner routes.



Ability to measure near real-time air quality data along with historical trends.


View where you have been and view what the air quality was at that point in time.

Health conscious

Delivers environmental and health improvements.


Get notifications if environmental levels have deviated outside their thresholds.

Actionable insights

Provides members with actionable air quality data, enabling people to understand the air quality around them and choose cleaner routes.


Users can track their ‘clean air’ miles when walking, running, or cycling.