Remote monitoring for gestational diabetes

GDm-health is a system for the management of diabetes in pregnant women. Whereas conventional gestational diabetes monitoring involves the use of a paper diary and regular visits to the clinic, GDm-health allows secure and remote communication between women and their healthcare team with fewer clinic visits.

GDm-health has been tested in over 1,000 patients, showing a 26% reduction in clinic visits, when evaluated at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust. The time spent by the diabetes midwives on clerical and administrative tasks also decreased by 50%.

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Key Features

Smartphone App and Bluetooth-enabled Blood Glucose Meter

The GDm-health system uses a wireless blood glucose meter to connect to a patient’s smartphone allowing pregnant women with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels. The app automatically transmits the blood glucose data and diary entries made by the patients to an NHS server behind a firewall.

Intuitive tracking

Patients are able to record their blood glucose readings in a simple and intuitive way, enabling them to easily track their blood glucose readings throughout their pregnancy, following the diagnosis of gestational diabetes.

Instant communication

Healthcare professionals can review the patient’s data on the secure server and send the patient text messages to communicate medication and insulin changes in between clinic appointments if appropriate.


Reduces clinic visits

Self-management, combined with remote monitoring, gives patients greater control of their gestational diabetes and reduces the number of clinic visits.


Patient data is securely stored on an NHS based server where the clinical team can review the patient’s readings and provide feedback.

Reduces clerical tasks

Greatly reduces the time spent on clerical and administrative tasks by midwives and healthcare professionals.

Improves efficiency

Improves the efficiency of the workflow by streamlining the process of communication between midwives and patients.

Enhances communication

Digital communication between the healthcare professionals through the patient’s web page enhances team-based care.

Improves auditing

Electronic capture of data enables detailed auditing of care and outcomes.