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Uber and Drayson Technologies partner to create IoT sensor network to monitor air pollution in Mexico City

22nd November 2016

Drayson Technologies and Uber Mexico have partnered to create hyper-local air pollution information for Mexico City to help people ‘see the air they breathe’™. The partnership will see Uber drivers in Mexico City equipped with Drayson Technologies’ CleanSpace Tag, a connected smart air pollution sensor, turning the drivers into a mobile air pollution network. Each driver will collect valuable information on air quality levels not only inside the Uber cars and on the streets they drive, but also places where the Uber drivers visit in the capital such as shops and restaurants.

Mexico City, known globally for its air pollution problem, raised an air pollution alert in March this year in response to its worst air quality crisis in over a decade. With Uber Mexico the headquarters of Uber’s largest growing market, Latin America, the partnership marks both companies’ commitment to help address the air pollution problem faced by Mexico City and other cities across the world.

CleanSpace uses Sensyne machine-learning to intelligently collect air pollution data, combined with other data collected by the CleanSpace Internet of Things network to provide a hyper-local picture of air pollution across the city.

Lord Paul Drayson, Chairman and CEO of Drayson Technologies said:
Combining the use of the CleanSpace IoT network with the Uber network to enable Uber drivers to become mobile air pollution monitors is a great example of how innovative technology can be used to help make not just a smart city, but a smarter society”.

Roberto Fernández del Castillo, Director General, Uber Mexico, said:
“Uber is fully committed to improving air quality in Mexico City and Drayson Technologies’ CleanSpace IoT sensor network offers the means to do this. Uber partners in Mexico City will now be working in a myriad of ways, compiling air pollution data on a ground-breaking scale at the same time as they deliver customers to where they need to be.”