SensyneTM is a proprietary software platform for building complete end-to-end IoT solutions that uses machine learning algorithms to provide the ‘brains’ of the network.

Sensyne integrates seamlessly with our hardware technology FreevoltTM to provide an end-to-end highly energy-efficient IoT platform that reduces the cost of installation and operation of IoT networks and delivers cost effective big data collection and analysis.


Smart buildings

Our AuraTM product utilises the Sensyne platform to generate granular level temperature readings within a building to inform temperature control at a zonal level. Aura’s proprietary mobile sensors can be deployed exactly where you need them in the building.

Smart cities

Our CleanSpaceTM API product utilises the Sensyne platform for smart cities. Sensyne’s machine learning and data mining modules enhance the air quality data models used by enterprises, governments and authorities. Hyper local, street-by-street pollution levels are provided through an API which can be overlaid with other relevant city data (e.g. transport or geospatial data) enabling more effective decision-making.

Retailers and food services

Aura utilises the Sensyne platform for grocery retailers, or any enterprise involved in the commercial handling of food, to intelligently monitor the temperature on their refrigeration units. This helps the retailers to reduce food waste and costs of manually logging the data.

Pharmacies and hospitals

Aura utilises the Sensyne platform for pharmacies and hospitals as medicines must be stored in environments at just the right temperature. Sensyne monitors the temperature within refrigeration units, recording data logs to meet compliance requirements, which saves pharmacists and medical staff time and hassle.


Low cost

Sensyne’s IoTaaS (IoT as-a-service) model promises low cost of installation, no upfront hardware fee and maintenance costs that are kept to an absolute minimum.

Easy to deploy

Sensyne’s devices are wireless and mobile, making installation and maintenance swift and easy at global scale.

Energy efficient

Sensyne optimises your sensors by knowing when to get more data readings and when to conserve energy.

Low maintenance

Sensyne remotely calibrates each sensor to ensure accurate measurements without the need for physical calibration.


Sensyne uses encryption to securely transfer data from the gateway to the cloud.